Hello everyone, we are pleased to inform you that the YDRC Million Reading List, starting from its release in April 2021, is beginning a new phase with this edition.

Firstly, starting from late September 2023, the reading list now covers all levels from K-12, with the addition of a list suitable for high school students.

Secondly, the provider of the High School reading list is Peyton Hayward, a non-Chinese girl. You can find her self-introduction at https://ydrcus.org/mw-reading-club/. Additionally, she has a fondness for mathematics and regularly hosts Zoom Q&A sessions for math problems targeting grades 6-8 on Mondays and Tuesdays in the late afternoons Pacific Time. We welcome anyone with questions to participate. YDRC will gradually welcome students from diverse ethnic backgrounds, making our platform’s activities more diverse and enriching.

Thirdly, to facilitate easy access to the reading lists, in addition to the YDRC WeChat account, you can now view them at https://ydrcus.org/mw-reading-club/. Moreover, on the right side of the page at https://ydrcus.org/category/news/, you can perform searches. The volunteer teams responsible for the reading lists are gradually organizing directories for all previous lists, adding them one by one for your convenience. You can search by book title, author, or AR level to find books suitable for your reading preferences.