Building Brighter Tomorrows, Together

How does YDRC promote the purpose of non-profit organization exemption?

At present, our organization has more than 3,000 parents, we actively seek all aspects of resource cooperation and sharing, attract many volunteer students and teachers to our organization and carry out teaching courses. In our organization children will have learning and social skills development resources, to improve children’s communication. we also give free applications for the Presidential Volunteer Award, encourage children around our organization in the form of small teams to carry out local public welfare dedication activities. In addition, our organization will help the member’s school donations, and donations for poverty areas and families. For the elderly, Orphanages we will carry out condolence activities. Those programs will give volunteers a form of mutual learning.

Sources of funding for activities

Our events are funded by our registered user fees, event fees, course fees, corporate donations, personal donations, website advertising columns, items for sale.

Donate Account Information:

Offical Orgnization Zelle Account: 9095693029

Reciever Name: Youth Development Resource Center