October  One 2023

Book nameAuthorAR levelWordsAr quiz No.
Violet’s MusicAngelo Johnson2.742977099
My Family plays musicJudy Cox2.648271388
Bello the CelloBy Dennis MathewN/AN/AN/A
Little Pig Joins the BandDavid Hyde Costello1.5270144001
The Little Drummer BoyDavis, Katherine1.410410478
Music From the SkyDenise Gillard2.240945273
The Singing GiantMargaret Ryan2.235550370
Book nameAuthorAR levelWordsAr quiz No.
CrankensteinSamantha Berger1.7184161425
Pizza! A Slice of HistoryGreg Pizzoli3.9878518997
Chez BobBob Shea3.3780513596
Bone SoupAlyssa Satin Capucilli3.3793197798
Amazing Sharks!Sarah L. Thompson3.1756103006
Clark the SharkBruce Hale2.7656160684
Albert Einstein: A Curious MindSarah Albee3526514631
Book nameAuthorAR levelWordsAr quiz No.
Bubbles Float, Bubbles PopWeakland, Mark2.7375141517
The Elephant Dancer: A Story of Ancient IndiaGunderson, Jessica2.93232127891
Happy Halloween, Gus!Williams, Jacklyn381385696
Surprising BeansBlaisdell, Molly2.81091116660
Book nameAuthorAR levelWordsAr quiz No.
Pippi Longstocking’s After-Christmas PartyLindgren, Astrid4.7295815115
Lunch Lady and the Cyborg SubstituteKrosoczka, Jarrett J.2.21758131753
Book nameAuthorAR levelWordsAr quiz No.
Can you hear the trees talking?Wohlleben, Peter5.818122508064
WinkHarrell, Rob3.954951508415
Beyond the Bright SeaWolk, Lauren4.861837189077
How High the MoonParsons, Karyn4.559592501286
Book nameAuthorAR levelWordsAr quiz No.
Zoe in WonderlandBrenda Woods4.531832185996
Marcos Vega Doesn’t Speak SpanishPablo Cartaya3.946184196042
See You in the CosmosJack Cheng5.464551187744
Other Words for HomeJasmine Warga5.330180504111
Book nameAuthorAR levelWordsAr quiz No.
The Secret Life of BeesSue Monk Kidd5.79331668836
DivergentVeronica Roth4.8105143144400
On the Come UpAngie Thomas3.895293500135
Wilder GirlsRory Power4.878797504828