9/10/2023 9-10am PST
In a bid to enhance the learning experience for the dedicated volunteers of our reading group, We are thrilled to have Tammy on board to share her expertise with our dedicated group of volunteers.
Tammy, with her wealth of experience and a track record of earning high praise from students, has been selected to lead this educational endeavor. The session is designed to empower our volunteers with the knowledge and skills necessary to be effective mentors and teachers for the students in our reading group.
The collective learning session will cover various aspects of effective teaching techniques, including interactive teaching methods, strategies for engaging reluctant readers, and fostering a love for reading in young minds. Tammy will also share her personal experiences and tips on creating a positive and inspiring learning environment.
Don’t miss this chance to learn from one of the best in the field and contribute to our mission of nurturing a love for reading in our community.