The main goals of “Kill Covid-19” online chess summer activities are 1) to follow FIDE (International Chess Federation)’s instructions to promote chess and offer opportunities for kids who love chess to play chess online and continue their chess study during this special time and 2) to do fund raising for YDRC and US Chess Federation. We will organize weekly activities, like online chess tournaments, simultaneous chess tournament and bug house chess tournament, puzzle contest, crazy house etc. The charge for each activity is $5.00 and half of the charges will be donated to YDRC and half for US Chess Federation. The platform for the activities will be Every kid will need to register a free account on (we will announce details later). We hope every kid who loves chess will join the activity and there will be rewards waiting for you!

Organizer(组织者) YDRC (Youth Development Resource Consortium)

Executor (策划和执行) Jonathan Chen and Jocelyn Chen

Kill Covid-19 的国际象棋暑期系列活动一方面为了响应国际棋联的号召,宣传国际象棋,让更多的小朋友有机会可以在线上下棋,在这个特殊的时间能够继续国际象棋的学习,另一方面可以为YDRC 和美国棋协募款。我们将组织喜欢国际象棋的小朋友在线上比赛,下车轮战,双人添子棋比赛,解题赛,crazy house等等一系列活动,每个星期一次活动,每次的费用为$5,所有的费用一般捐给YDRC,一半的费用捐给美国棋协。活动的平台为,每个参加的小朋友需要免费注册一个账号。希望小朋友们踊跃报名参加活动,还有奖品哦!