AMC8 (American Mathematics Competition 8) is an American junior high school mathematics competition. It is a mathematics subject test for students under the eighth grade. On Jan. 22, 2022, YDRC has organized many math enthusiast students to participate in the competition (online, two groups with two time windows: 8-8:40am and 9-9:40am), which was a complete success. We look forward to inviting more students to join the competition next year.

AMC8(American Mathematics Competition 8)AMC8是美国初中数学竞赛,是针对八年级以下学生的数学科目测试,YDRC于2022年1月22日 美西时间 8:00-8:40,9:00-9:40 组织众多数学爱好者学生 参加比赛(online),圆满成功,期待更多的学生加入明年的比赛。